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That's Going to Bring Me Back to God?

By Incongruous Circumspection ~

The other night, I was talking to a gentleman about nothing and everything. We spoke of current events, the economy, Israel, taxes - you name it. Then, the conversation led to how I treat people in positions of authority.

I lamented the fact that many people I know tend to view their bosses as a sort of master and become "yes" individuals, losing all sense of creativity or individuality. As in the book, "The Five Dysfunctions of the Team", you see that this is not only bad for the individual's career, but the company they work for will suffer.

Disagreement is paramount. Differing viewpoints that can and do lead to constructive disagreement. The company that relies on god-like management is a company that will be caught up in slow or stagnant growth, or fail altogether.

I mentioned how I treat my job differently and used the unfortunate words, "I don't respect authority very well."

To that, this gentleman replied with a chuckle, "Yep! And you don't respect God currently either."

My response was non-committal. "Well, if that god wants to get my attention, he has every opportunity to do so. I'm ready for the lightening bolt."

He replied that, by then, it would be too late and that god would smash me deep into the ground.


Think about it. God apparently loves humanity. A human decides that God is evil, according to the holy book all his followers claim that god wrote. Then, that human decides to go his own way, deciding plainly that he is perfectly fine without a fairy being. The god - who loves you deeply - decides that the only way to bring you back to him is to hurt you.


Yeah. Typical. It's all over the Bible. Exactly what he did to the nation of Israel. Exactly what he did to Paul. Exactly what he did to millions in those pages.

No thank you. I'm fine. I'll stick with people I can not only see, but actually love you, even if you don't love them perfectly.