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The Sinner as Strawman

by Astreja ~

A common theme in Christian apologetics is the idea of the Disobedient Mortal, i.e. The Sinner. Supposedly as part of the legacy inherited from Adam and Eve, humans really and truly can't help themselves. They regularly go out of their way to disobey God at every possible opportunity, just for the sake of being contrary.

An interesting myth -- But it doesn't line up with reality. It doesn't even come close.

Look out your front window. How many of your neighbours do you see committing criminal acts right now? Unless you live in a particularly rough part of town, chances are that Mr. Jones is not currently climbing out through a broken picture window with Mr. Smith's big-screen TV.

Go for a drive. Do you see a lot of people running red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, or travelling 130 in a 30 mph zone? Probably not.

Think back to the chitchat in the lounge at work earlier today. Were you yelling "You're wrong!" and swinging fists and coffee pots at one another, or were you listening and occasionally nodding as you discussed topics of mutual interest?

No, people really aren't all that obsessed with wilful disobedience after all. This is one of Christianity's most egregious scams: Create a fake problem with a fake cause, and then offer an equally fake cure. Humanity, left to its own devices and unencumbered by mythical tales of evil and hopelessness, functions just fine.