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Show a bit of respect!

A letter from a "fan" of Ex-C ~

It does so offend the mental palate!

The sheer arrogance of this site is astounding, congratulations to all of you who have no doubt solved all humanity's millenia of questions about how and why we are here with such utter and complete certainty, there could of course be no way that YOU could be wrong, no way that perhaps the 6000 years folk have believed in God might have meant something and no way any of you would be willing to accept that what you are preaching is another religion, and a nihilistic and empty one at that, which slings insults and critisises mainstream religion for its intolerance whilst simultaneously trying to efface all mention or religious expression.

Do none here comprehend that to be intolerant of other beliefs because they are supposedly intolerant is the most ludicrous piece of bollocks ever to grace this green earth?

Finally, even if you don't put this up, which i doubt you will, so prove me wrong there, please have a read of it and maybe think on it, if you managed to control your effervescent foaming rage long enough to get to this point i am not asking you to believe in God, or the divinity of Jesus or any such thing just to stop acting like utter dicks and show a bit of respect for other beliefs.