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Why are there so few atheists?

By Substitious ~

Dated February 16, this article about the the Pope resigning has me wondering.

Deutsch: Coelestin V. wird in Rom zum Papst ge...
Deutsch: Coelestin V. wird in Rom zum Papst gekrönt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Consider, if you will(and you will), the following three excerpts:

On Monday, when Pope Benedict made one of the biggest Vatican announcements in 600 years — his resignation — he did it exclusively in Latin, a dead language only one journalist in attendance understood.

...while visiting the earthquake-ravaged Italian city of L’Aquila, Benedict left his papal pallium — a wool band worn around his neck — on the grave of Celestine V, a pope who abdicated 1294. Celestine’s successor feared the mere presence of a retired pope could challenge his authority. So he had him imprisoned and, some speculate, killed. The last pope to retire, in 1415, agreed not to leave a town 300 kilometres northeast of Rome.

A confidential letter from a Vatican official described a presumed plot to kill Benedict and discussed his potential successor...The Pope's butler was eventually convicted of stealing the documents.

Now, according to the Catholic Herald, "At the end of 2009, the worldwide Catholic population increased by 15 million or 1.3 per cent, slightly outpacing the global population growth rate, which was estimated at 1.1 per cent"

My question is, why?

I mean, good grief! We have murder, plots of murder, intrigue, betrayals, political maneuvering... and Jesus' #1 man has a butler? (very like Christ, that one.)

One would think with an institution like this running amok, people would be asking "Where is god?" and coming to the only rational conclusion: THERE ISN'T ONE!

Why aren't there more atheists?

Can someone please explain this to me?
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