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We're all born atheists!

By Dano ~

We are all born atheists!

Look at it this way. If it were important for us to know whether there is a god as in the bible and what happens to us when we die, we would all more or less believe the same thing. We would all be born with that instinctual knowledge, just like instinctively knowing that we need to eat.

On the contrary we are all born atheists and may be taught to believe some form of mythology before we die, or we may not, depending who our parents are and where we are born. Believing in a "Bible God", heaven, hell, angels, devils and all that made up stuff is incidental to living, loving, enjoying life and dyeing. Other than how it effects our capacity for reproducing. Mother nature (God/it) has no regard at all for what we believe,only how well we live.

The same thing happens to all of us in the end, and it again becomes just as important to us as it was for the eternity before we were born.

I know I never worried about it before I was born, and don't think I'll be losing any "sleep" over it for another eon or so after I check out.