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Christ: The one and only true God that cares. Wait, what?

By Guy with a Pen ~

We've had plenty of stories about the Christian religion being good. Let's look at a list of what Christians will usually claim about their own religion.

1. Christ is the only original God and it has existed for 3500 years!

Consider this: The Chinese history spreads all the way into 5000-6000 B.C. and before that, we had this thing called the Ice Age and long before that, you had the nomadic people who would later form the early Middle Eastern countries. Judaism only dates back to 3500 YEARS ago(approx 500B.C.). The Old Testament is Judaism and Christians can still claim that Judaism is a fake religion?

And long before Judaism and Christ, we also had something called animism which would later give rise to what we refer to as 'mythologies'. Sound familiar?

2. Christians all around the world have contributed a lot to society.

Like what? Building schools for illegal immigrants from the Philippines in East Malaysia when they will become a burden to the legitimate citizens in the future? Bring diseases to other countries via missionaries? Force cultural losses on Christian-controlled lands? Give rise to slavery and later, imperialist policies(some of which are still being used and phrased in a 'nice' way)? Give rise to another religion filled with more BS called Islam? Bring chaos upon Arabic lands(See Holy Crusades)? Give rise to BS policies in the U.S.? Wow, that's a lot of contribution indeed!

3. Eating the flesh of God and drinking his blood will make you immortal.

Hi! My house is full of wholemeal bread and port wine. Will that make me immortal?

4. Those who are Christians will rise over the others and become great leaders.

We only need to take a look at the Christian U.S. senators and their BS policies and bills to know that is a huge lie. The Bible itself even encourages ignorance among Christ's followers. Oh, by the way, I would strongly suggest those who can still claim that kind of BS to look towards Japan and South Korea and compare their own nations with them(Croatia, Vatican, U.S.).

5. God loves you. Do not question him for he is the Almighty one who created us.

The most common lie that comes from Christians ALL THE TIME. But then, why did the Jews commit so much violence in the Old Testament? Why the Nazi-like statements in both sides of the Bible? Why the miscellaneous violence from Jehovah himself? And really, I'd like to see someone come up with proof that Jehovah existed and created the world with just a few words because even if that were true, heaven and God himself must have an origin too!

6. We will never understand the Bible as they are God's words.

Everything is written on your Holy Book. Nothing more needs to be said. There is no need for any interpretation at all.