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How did we get sucked in?

By Faithfool ~

My 28 years of Christinsanity ended last January. Since then, a recurring thought often catches me off guard and floors me: “HOW THE HELL COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?!!”

And for so long?!!

Which made me think, how did each one of us at get sucked in?

I bet the majority of us were raised by Christians. We never knew any different. How could we? Telling a child they will burn in hell unless they believe is child abuse. So we didn’t stand a chance. Even if we “backslid” or weren’t as serious about it growing up, the foundation was set for our ‘return to faith’ in later years.

But what about those of us who joined the flock as teens or adults? Why didn’t we know better?

I think vulnerability is key. I’m not 100% sure, but I’d be willing to bet there was a degree of vulnerability involved for each ex-C convert reading this. Ie,

  • An eager young person who wanted to fit in with their admired Christian peers at school
  • A disconnected teen who found solace (and fun) at youth group
  • A love-struck girl/guy who just wanted to be with the beautiful Christian s/he’s fallen for
  • An individual at the end of themselves invited to church (or an emotional Crusade) by a friend
  • A criminal taken with the promise of forgiveness and a new start sold by the visiting minister
  • [Insert any other person in a vulnerable state who gets saved by Christian ‘hero’ here]

Did I miss anyone, or leave anyone out?