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A Loving Father

By Neal Stone ~

First off it has been mentioned by some of you that I've been missed. Sorry for being so quiet, just been a little busy this past year. I promise to try and write more in the near future.

The following is an ideological idea of what a loving father would be. In reality I have yet to meet someone like this. But then this is what god is supposed to be and that is what this is about.

Someone may try and put me on the spot by asking me if I am a father. No, I am not. But it doesn't take a lot to understand what a good father should be like. It's called common sense.

So growing up I heard a lot about this loving father called god. So I sat down today and thought I would draw up what a real loving father should be like. Let's see if god fits the bill.

First off a loving father is there from the very beginning and makes his presence known sometimes before the child is even born. He takes great care to see that the woman carrying the child is safe and well taken are of and when the child is born he is offered the same courtesy.

As the child grows up the father is always there. Providing for every need, answering every question and insuring the child has a good and fruitful life. When the child calls for his father, the father replies in an instant that he is there. There is no mysterious silence with the child left to doubt and guess about the presence of his father.

When the child has a question, even a tough and challenging question, the father provides an answer that the child can understand. The answer will be a real answer too, not some over baked generic excuse like “god has his reasons”. A loving father will provide the answers and information his child needs to live a good life.

When the child breaks the rules the father punishes the child in a way that no harm comes to the physical or mental well being and that punishment will be clear enough to the child so he will understand what he did wrong. The punishment should be equal to the wrong committed. The father will also provide for a way for the child to learn and grow from the experience and be better for it.

A loving father does not cause harm to his children, make them sick on purpose, kill them or their family or friends to teach them a lesson. He does not send them to the hospital after causing them to have a serious accident. NO! Such a father would be put in jail for a very long time. No sane person would accept this kind of father in today's society. This kind of father is a hideous monster.

I real loving father is there from day one. He talks to you, listens, provides answers and takes care of his children. There is no guess work at what he wants for his child's life. There is no guess work if he is even there at all. There is no guess work for his reasons as he explains them clearly to his children. He doesn't write a bunch of notes in a book and then sit back and expect his children to figure it out.

Any father who ignores his children's requests, even if he has to say no, punishes them with illness, physical harm, death or mental anguish, kills or harms friends or family, causes financial ruin and does anything devastating to his children is just a plain sick tyrannical monster. Out of love or not, it's still wrong to treat your children this way.

Read the Bible and look around your church and see what god is really like. When one out of a hundred are cured of cancer (after months of treatment of course) it is not a miracle. Where is the miracle for the other 99?

“God has his reasons!” Whatever!

God sucks as a father, plain and simple.