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By dealdoctor ~

Have you guys seen the child and baby preachers? If you don’t think that religion brainwashes little children you need to take a look at this:

Marjoe / ThothWhat we see here with the phenomenon of child preachers did not happen overnight but the preaching behavior of these children is the result of many days, weeks and months and a few years of observation of their parents and respected church leaders. Observation was followed by the adoption of approved behavior which resulted in attention and parental praise for the child. Think rats learning tricks to earn the cheese. This child preacher stuff has got to be the Christian’s secret weapon held for the end times.

Baby preachers flat out need other babies in the congregation who really get into worship. I mean these child and baby preachers do not want lukewarm baby Christians but turned on really committed “true believer” both feet into the worship experience baby Christians. I am not talking about new Christians. I am talking about actual literal babies-toddlers. You got to see this:

Maybe we need to start an Wait, babies can’t read! It seems however they can preach and get into Charismatic worship.