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Doubting Thomas

By Dennis ~

I was raised in a fairly "loose" Catholic family. I would walk to church every Sunday just to get there. While in church, I noticed a lot of repetition of the same stories, and comments.

After church, people who were nice in church were the most cruel outside of church.

I always had questions which NO religious person could answer. Eventually, I turned Agnostic. This change wasn't easy at home. I was called things such as "Doubting Thomas," etc.

I then became close friends with an Ex Rev who is an atheist. I have only been atheist for several months now. The Ex rev had answered all my questions, and what is truly funny is that I know more about religion now then when I was attending church.

Psychology states that over time, with constant bombardment of any information, you are more likely to believe it to be true. This idea is Sunday Mass at best.

I am proud to be an atheist, and glad I have made that step, Thank you all for making this website possible.