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Enough is enough

By agnosticator ~

In October, 1991, two young boys were killed when a tire from a truck driving in the opposite direction flew off, bouncing over the median, and through the front of a school bus full of fourth graders in Miami, Florida.
School bus seats, photographed close upImage via Wikipedia
Was this an accident or God's will? Was it coincidence or God's plan? If we believe God intervenes supernaturally to save us from accidents, disease, natural disasters, even crime, what about those who suffer and die? Doesn't this thinking make tornadoes tools of God's whim and criminals his lackeys? By the way, don't blame Satan or God will lose His power!

This news story has stayed with me, reminding me of the insanity I once embraced called Christianity. Americans perpetuate the manipulative objectives of the New Testament authors by teaching their children this nonsense.

By portraying God as desiring people to be unthinking, submissive, blank slates to write His Will upon, the N.T. writers launched their agenda of deception and tyranny. The authors' recipe for deceit lay in their obsessive accusations of all others as evil and corrupt, mixed with rhetoric about salvation and God's love. By accusing the rest of the world of what they themselves were guilty of, they deflected their faults away from their followers' awareness and onto non-believers. Espousing Christian doctrine, they maintained their power and control over believers. Belief in New Testament writings successfully alienates believers from others who might expose the deception as the propaganda it really is.

What is taught to a child will be blindly followed as an adult unless it is strongly, consciously challenged. Since Christianity is socially reinforced and taken for granted as being beyond reproach, it is difficult and even taboo to examine it objectively. Our problem is that the N.T. teaches passive acceptance rather than thoughtful reflection, blind obedience in place of understanding consequences of belief, release from responsibility for our actions, and disrespect of wisdom. The result is crazy thinking! It's time to tell it like it is. Enough is enough!