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How to Stay a Christian

By ThinkTank ~

If someone says there is no evidence for the existence of a God,
Say, “Our belief in God is a matter of faith.”
Do not think about an entire belief system built on faith instead of evidence.

If someone says there is no evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus,
Say, “Enemies of the cross destroyed the evidence.”
Do not think about why ancient historians make no mention of Jesus’ life.

If someone says the Bible condones slavery, contains errors, and its teaching is inconsistent,
Say, “The Bible is God’s perfect word and mistakes reflect errors in human thinking.”
Do not think how permitted moral atrocities must reflect on God’s character.

If someone says the earth is billions of years old and humans evolved,
Say, “No one can be sure, but maybe God wanted to use evolution to create humans.”
Do not think about the implications of no original Adam and Eve.

If someone mentions that several studies show prayer is not effective,
Say, “God does not need to prove Himself to humanity.”
Do not think about the results of the study.

If someone says miracles do not happen,
Say, “I feel God’s presence and I know he has done miracles in my life.”
Do not think about why amputees are never the recipients of miracles.

If someone says Christianity is a cult,
Say, “Christians worship the one true God.”
Do not think about the goals of a cult.

But if you did think you'd realize that
  • Without an original Adam and Eve, there is no original sin.
  • Without a historical Jesus, there is no sacrifice for our sins.
  • Without a God, there is no need for appeasement.
  • Without a holy book, there is no need to keep arguing over meanings.
  • Without someone to answer prayers, there is no need to remain passive in our lives.
  • Without a soul, there’s no need to put off living just for the chance of something better later.
  • Without miracles, we need to solve our own problems and learn to help each another.

This is what I think:
  1. Accept responsibility for your own life.
  2. Do not hurt others.
  3. Make the world a better place.
  4. Live, love, and laugh.