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Whatever happened to God being all-powerful?

By James ~

I have been married to, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world for 24 years. We both were baptized after receiving Christ in our lives six years ago.

Recently, our move to the South has not been enjoyable. It all started to "go south" right before the election in 2008. Before that there were some warning signs that our new found faith was in trouble. At first I wrote it all down to, "It's just his opinion, and he is entitled to it." Well after three years at this church, sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets -- you know "doing the lord's work" -- we were completely turned off at what appeared to be hateful and hurtful attitudes coming from the pulpit.

My children and I have Bible study at home every night before bed. Many times they said what we were reading about Jesus was not what was being told to them from church. Someone at church told my son and wife that Obama was the Antichrist and he would take our Bibles away from us if elected. As we all know, Obama quotes scripture quite often. Anyway ,when questioned by me, a non-confrontational person, my ex-pastor got defensive when I told him that Romans Chapter 13 verse one says ALL authority is ordained by God and that all good Christians should obey the laws of their respective countries. He told me that I needed to read my gospels. Not only that, but that I should be willing to go to the White House and drag Obama out, and drag him to the hottest corners of hell where the hounds of hell can gnaw on his bones for eternity for what he has done to this country. I told him that what he said made up my mind -- that I was on solid ground in my decision to leave the church.

Does this sound like something a Christian pastor should say when trying to win back a fellow believer? I thought not. Those hateful words can only be attributed to Satan, if you believe such things. In my opinion, I think that if anyone says God is all powerful, then they have no grounds for being upset. Is the American voting system stronger than God? To a believer the answer is, "Of course not." Than what makes them so upset that Obama won the election and not their guy? Could they not have a little Faith? God knows what he is doing and it cannot be comprehended by man. If any believer says I am wrong in stating THAT then they speak from arrogance and that according to the Bible is sinful.