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Me and Dan

By exPenty ~

I have a friend named Daniel, whom I have known for many years.

Dan lives in Australia, which of course is on the other side of the world, but that's OK because in this technological age distance is no barrier to friendship. In fact, Dan and I get on really well, and he's one of my best friends.

I e-mail Dan at least once every day, telling him what I've been up to and asking him how things are going with him. His life in Australia is so exciting, it's hard to explain!

Dan is always there for me when I need him. I just feel like I can tell him anything. That's the sort of friend he is. He's helped me through many difficult times, just by listening to me when things got tough. He's never too busy to listen.

Although I e-mail Dan regularly, I have never actually had an e-mail back from him. I've never met him in person either. Nor has he ever written to me, and he's never actually spoken to me on the phone either, although I am constantly speaking to him. Text messages? Not likely. He never replies to those either. He's still my best friend, though, and he always answers my messages. I know it's true because I can feel it deep inside my heart when I think about Dan.

Ridiculous? Of course it is. In reality there is no Daniel. If he was actually real and I e-mailed, phoned and wrote to him regularly, and if he was any kind of friend at all, he'd reply. If he didn't, then for me to claim that we had a friendship, or indeed any kind of relationship at all, would be plainly ridiculous.

So why do Christians say that Jesus is their best friend and that they have a relationship with God?