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Casting new series for former religious

Hello there,

I am an Associate Producer with a New York City Production Company and we are working on a new series about couples dealing with issues with their In-Laws. I am reaching out to the former Christian community because we would like to devote an episode to a couple looking for acceptance from their parents/ In-Laws who do not share the same belief system.

The show is being produced by a major cable television network. The show aims to treat everyone involved with respect and understanding. It is handles tough issues as light heartedly as possible, and everything is produced in the spirit of reconciliation! Travel costs are covered by the production and any families involved will be compensated for their time.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Amy Cummings

545 8th Avenue
Suite 14 South
NY, NY 10018
212- 564-2607 ex. 2339
212- 967-7573 fax