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The Cult of Death

By Numke ~

I discovered a cult today. It worships a zombie, and likes to emphasise how this zombie died, they even give all the bloody details to children. They also believe that during their rituals they must metaphorically (I believe some cultists even think it's literal!) eat the flesh and drink the blood of their zombie master. They also believe that their zombie (who is also a ghost as well as a god) killed everyone in the world except for a single family, and that he destroyed two cities entirely for being homosexual, and turned a woman into salt simply for seeing him do it. Apparently he also cursed a random man who had been living exactly as this zombie-god wanted, killing his family, giving him diseases and making him lose everything (apparently, the cultists say, it's alright, because the guy got a new family afterwards, and the zombie-god got rid of the disease and gave him his money back. He did not, though, apologize and apparently even got angry when asked why he was torturing a perfectly innocent worshipper).

This cult I found seems obsessed on two things; death and sex. They are obsessed with those things. They want to make sure everyone has sex the 'correct way'. The correct way - I'm informed - is between a man and a woman, (same-sex relations are unnatural and should be put to death, so that's bad news for many animal species) and - though the cult seems divided about this - only for procreation. Which brings me - in a roundabout sort of way - to the other thing they seem obsessed with; death.

Death is the core to this cult. They are fascinated by it, in almost sick and twisted ways, many even seem eager for them and theirs to die (apparently they get a reward for worshipping the zombie-god and eating his flesh and blood, which I will explain later). Death is everything in this cult, they continually rave on about how their god died horribly, crucified on a cross, pierced by a spear, with a crown of thorns, and yet, how he came back from the dead. I have already mentioned how they seem to enjoy telling children this, and emphasising how zombie-god died in horrible pain, with blood and shouting and crying and, of course, death.

The central doctrine of this cult seems to be this idea that after death, if you've worshipped zombie-god well enough, and have eaten his flesh and blood and made sure to make others do so too, and ensure that they are having sex the correct way (and making sure that women do as they're told, another big part of this cult seems to be on women subservience), then they get a reward, a place called 'Heaven'. None of the cultists seem to know what Heaven is actually like, none of them have been there, or even seen it - though they all agree it's apparently 'wonderful'.

Heaven plays as a contrast to what happens to non-believers (and women who don't accept their role as subservient to man, as well as those who don't have sex the correct way), apparently the opposite of Heaven is 'Hell'. Contrary to Heaven, most of the cultists seem to agree that Hell is a horrible place full of fire and burning and torture. Like Heaven, none of them have been there or seen it, but they all agree that it's 'horrible'. Apparently there is also a counterpart to zombie-god who reigns in Hell (though he is apparently, not a god), he is apparently, an 'angel' (I was informed that angels are winged creatures that the zombie-god made for the sole purpose of worshipping him and running his errands for those times when, despite his omnipotence, he couldn't be bothered) who rebelled against zombie-god and so was thrown down into Hell and decided to rule it. The cultists seem quite divided on whether he is the root of all evil, (many of them believe humans are the cause of all evil in the universe) and indeed, whether he even exists. How a cult claiming to hold the absolute truth cannot even decide on whether the root of evil is humanity or a slave-creature that rebelled and was thrown into fire is beyond me.

Again, the cultists take a lot of pleasure in teaching children about these places, especially about how if they do not fawn over zombie-god, they will be thrown into a pit of fire and burn for eternity. The children - about the right age to still believe in bogeymen living under their beds - seem terrified at this, and it seemed to cause must anxiety, fear and even outright crying and breaking down. One particular trick I have seen these cultists use is to emphasise how the zombie-god apparently died for them, and so attempt to guilt the child into joining the cult.

The cult spends a lot of time talking, teaching, raving, about the dead, what happens to them, why it happens (always pinning blame on the dead person if they go to Hell, and putting congratulations onto zombie-god if they go to Heaven) and how their god died in a horrible way to save them, but came back (on account of being an immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, invulnerable god), thus proving that the cult's god is loving since he allowed himself to die and come back for humanity's sake. How exactly an immortal and omnipotent god being crucified and so only fake-dying can be considered dying for humanity the cult didn't tell me, for they began to insist that I convert, for only by accepting that zombie-god died horribly for my apparent 'sins' (sins seem to be whatever zombie-god doesn't agree with at various times), and then by partaking in their rituals and eating his flesh and drinking his blood, only by doing that would I escape burning forever in a pit of fire which no one has seen outside of dreams and be taken up to a heaven who no one can describe since they have never seen it outside of dreams either (yet they can describe Hell?).

Now, this cult goes by the name of the physical incarnation of their god - the one who died 'for humanity's sins' - Christ. They call themselves 'Christians', and their cult 'Christianity'. I ask you please, wherever you find these cultists trying to spread their ideas, trying to describe zombie-god's violent death and the terrors of Hell to small children, fight them, force them to keep their cult to themselves, don't let them infest society, much less government. We've allowed this charade to continue far enough, it's time to see the elephant in the room; we cannot allow a cult of death to rule our lives.