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Why Should I Feel Guilty?

By Greenworld ~

When Christians are aware of my lack of belief in their god, they feel "shocked" about it. Then they proceed to tell me that if I don't convert to Christianity, I will "burn in hell." Often, they SHOUT this drivel at me, just so I can feel "guilty." Guilty...? What am I guilty of? I didn't rape or murder anyone -- so what would I be "guilty" of in the first place? Oh, that's right: lacking a belief in Yahweh. Are you kidding me? Just for that? Why would such a "loving" god want to send me to a horrible place like "hell" once I am dead? I mean... like I said: I have never committed one blasted crime in all my earthly presence! Therefore, why would Yahweh want to put me in the same league as Ted Bundy or Charles Manson? (Then again, Ted got the chance to convert to this hideous religion before being executed, at the same time many of his fallen victims' "souls" are being roasted by "some red guy with an arrow-pointed tail carrying a silly little trident" in "hell" -- this is Yahweh's TRUE LOVE right there.)

Honestly, I still have no idea what I am "guilty" of; I just couldn't imagine a "just" and "righteous" god punishing humans simply for not believing in him or not being "true Christian enough" to satisfy his twisted, violent ego. I have come to the realization that Yahweh doesn't care for human potential but rather HOW MANY people are SUBMITTING themselves to him. Which is funny because I recall an old argument I had with a Christian and he told me that Islam is all about “submission” while Christianity is only about “following Jesus.” (Actually, there is much more to simply "following Jesus" in the Bible -- many of them that most Christians with half a brain would object to. But I would just be wasting my time picking those verses that get taken out of context through their "interpretation" of how they *think* they actually mean.)

With all that said, again I ask: why should I feel "guilty"? I don't regret a SHRED of "good things" I have done in the name of "kindness." I KNOW I am a "good" and "moral" being; I don't need to prove anyone anything. What gets me is that there is still a whole bunch of irrational people putting the "blame" on ME just because I don't believe in a *certain* god! Therefore, a guy like me who has NEVER beat up anyone nor raped a woman or child is STILL "hell bound." Granted, I do have negative thoughts about others from time to time... but that doesn't mean I am sincere! It just means that I am merely angry at the people I "wished death upon." That's all.

To conclude, I know I am not a humanitarian or someone who works for charity. But I don't have to be just to prove that I am not an "evil" person. Regardless, this writing is about how Christianity likes to brand even the most "down to Earth" types of people as "evil" if they find out that they aren't "true Christians" (most likely because of a different branch/church/Bible/etc.) or pretty much don't share any beliefs in Christianity. And once they brand us as "evil people," they then start telling us of the story of Jesus and how so many people hated him to the point that he got crucified JUST so they can get their victims shedding tears and/or feeling pity for how Jesus was insulted and mocked during his time here on Earth (that is, IF such a thing existed).

Christianity really is nothing but a religion that dwells upon depressive human emotions. For example: Christians will tell you that your mother or father got cancer because "you refused to believe in Jesus but this is a sign of Jesus calling you to come to him." See what I mean? It's ALL about EMOTIONS and NEVER about EVIDENCE. This is why so many Christians like to scream at you for not believing, just like a concerned parent would scream at a pedophile for sexually raping his or her children. But unlike that concerned parent screaming at the pedophile, Christians don't care about opening their minds (because they have a fear of "being lured into the dark side") and instead sugarcoat their nasty god and make you feel like you are "total shit" without him "in your heart."