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Another miracle

By aka mtbdude

Everyone is appalled saddened by the shooting of those people in Tuscon recently. We are especially hopeful for the recovery of those who survived it.

Nation in mourning: How the Arizona Daily Star...Image by Ninian Reid via Flickr
But the kind of crap that I just read this morning really drives me up the wall. Dr. Michael Lemole, one of the physicians in charge of the care of Rep. Giffords, in a comment regarding her progress said, "We're wise to acknowledge miracles."

No doctor, you are a fucking irresponsible idiot who ought to know better than to say something like that. The miracle will be if Rep. Giffords pulls out her tubes and walks out the door today. This unfortunate, apparently very good-hearted woman suffered a grievous injury and will likely never be the same. So let's praise God.

This just sickens me. I went through my own near-death experience, and heard the same kind of garbage. Miracle. The miracle would be if the 30% total body surface area of my skin grew back spontaneously. It didn't. I've got skin grafts and spent 6 weeks in a burn unit. That's not a miracle. It's technology.

Steve (taking a deeeeep breath, blowing it out sloooowly)