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Is that someone giggling at the funeral, dear?

By dealdoctor ~

Can you learn to laugh at death or will you be so fucking serious you will mentally, physically or if powerless in mere fantasy torture and then kill anyone and everyone who reminds you of your own mortality?

A Funeral Flag, American Veteran Soldier, The ...Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr
BIG IMPORTANT WARNING: Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Atheists the material below might fundamentally fuck with your fundamentals. And in addition to that scare the poop out of you. Don’t, I repeat don’t, open this Pandora’s box of examining the phenomenon of people who giggle at funerals unless you want to see how things really pan out my doras. In plain English, this material is downright scary, spooky, Holyweeny (sacred hot dog), celestial carnival crap that can mess with your mind. Beware, and in addition, WOE , to those, who choose to read this material because it might break your essential “serious button”. As you know people with a damaged “serious button” have been known to take out their aggressions on the inhabitants of the Evil Empire with stupid strategies like flying toy plastic planes into toy block buildings or shooting imaginary abortion clinic doctors with water pistols or refusing verbally beat the shit out of a Christian fundamentalists instead of giving those dark evil sons of a bitches what we all know with absolute certainty they seriously deserve.

Trick or treat! Boo! Witch your step! And furthermore, the first one, is a dangerous doozie dance step with Death, His Grim Reaperness Skeletonicity himself. I cannot remember if the first one is a waltz step, a two-step or a country line dance but will step on some toes, for sure. Spiders, snakes, corpses, zombies, ghosts and the Devil himself are all inside having (clears throat), a ball. Join em’ inside at your own RISK. It just ain’t safe in there partners! Go in with your six guns blazing if you are still determined to fuck with your fundamentals and put your serious button in mortal danger. Shit, giggling at funerals! Who would EVER do that??? OMGWTF! Jesus, Mary, Joseph and farting frogs!


Learn about the Ernest Becker Foundation.

For those of you who wish to examine what the denial of our own death has to do with our own violence against others and the formation of religions and culture structures worldwide, I wish to commend to you the Ernest Becker Foundation. Check out their Resources link at:


Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality