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Thank You

By Truth Reigns ~

I am simply writing to say "Thank you" to all of you who contribute to the conversations here on a regular basis. I have been reading these posts for about a year now, and I cannot believe how much I look forward to them everyday. I frequently find myself laughing out loud (some of you are so witty and hilarious), and at other times, tearing up because of the kind and profound words you offer those who are struggling. I can't believe the compassion I regularly sense through all of your writing.

Thank you everyone!Image by J. Star via Flickr

I myself am a deconverted, (born-again) Christian. I am married to a believer with whom I cannot converse at all about any of this, as it immediately triggers defensiveness. So, it can feel quite isolating when one's life has been organized around a belief that no longer is valid, yet friends, family, social life etc., is still bound up in that other way of life. Being able to come to this web site and get confirmation that there really are legitimate reasons for abandoning my faith has been a life raft, at times.

(WizendSage, Renoliz, Searchinwithnoagenda, Discordia, Ooglyman, Glebealyth, David B., Dano, RenDP, Buffettphan, and too many more to name...I love reading what you have to say.)

So, thanks again. I appreciate each and every one of you, and all of your various styles and approaches to the issues that are raised here.