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Never Say Never

A letter from a concerned 16-year-old follower of Jesus Christ ~

Makers of this Website,

I do not know what to say. This website is a load of lies and decrepit information that would make anyone want to give up on life. I do not understand how you could possibly live a life absorbed in so much hopelessness. I have been reading written material on other "religions", and this website is on an equal level with the Golden Dawn of Aleister Crowley.

Satan is surely the one running this website, not in a physical sense, but certainly in a spiritual sense. And for those of you who are thinking "What spirit?" as I have seen several times on this site, I will not bother waisting your time explaining it to you again. I just find it very funny that most of the comments on this site are going against everything that you are saying.

I am sixteen years old, and yet I can be arguing over the most important fact of life with adults. That should bother you, non-Christians. And to those of you who are blessed by having Christ in you life, I am glad to be fighting with you in this continuous battle against Satan and his "kingdom", the world.

Satan is surely the one running this website, not in a physical sense, but certainly in a spiritual sense. You who are against God and not at peace with yourself or with Christ, there is always hope for you. God has changed many a heart towards him, even when you feel so lost in life that you feel like you have no options. 1st John 1:9 says that,
"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just, and will forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
Why would you not want that freedom that is a free gift from God?

The document entitled "Dear Believer" was the biggest load of incorrect statements I have ever read. For one, stating that those so called "stories" you spoke of shows that you have obviously not done your research. Most of the events you talked about have been fully proven by science; but, of course, that information is rarely told to the public. The whole point of being a Christian is exactly what you are attempting to argue! The reason that we can believe the Word of God is because of faith in the things we can't really see! The very definition of faith is believing in something that is not always possible to be proven.

You call our God "a hateful, arrogant, sexist, cruel being who can’t tolerate criticism". If you were to talk to a Christian who actually knew what they were talking about, unlike yourself, you would see a very different defintion. Something along the lines of "a forgiving, just, loving, and righteous God who has committed no wrong and therefore deserves no criticism." That statement shows, again, that you have not done legitimate research.

I hope you do not call yourself an atheist. An atheist's goal in life is to determine and believe that there is nothing greater than ourselves, proven by intensive study of religious documents. True atheists are not only Biblical scholars, but are also scholars of every other world religion and have come to their own decision that there cannot be any greater power than man. If, by chance, you have attempted to skip over the study of literatures and have just jumped to the conclusion that there is no god, that is not atheistic; it is simply moronic.

The complete disbelief of God and His Son Christ is what condemns us to Hell. It is a punishment we bring on ourselves, and God carries it out by His will. We are born into sin, and we deserve Hell and death. But by Christ's holy sacrifice and God's deep love for His creation, we can have eternal life with Him.