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Bible Lies

by Unholy Ghost ~

The foregoing is part of a 12-page booklet entitled "Bible Lies." The document is presented here for general inspection and to receive useful feedback.

The Bible says God is perfectly fair. I don’t believe that God is perfectly just in all his ways because little children die agonizing deaths every day from abuse, hunger, war, and disease. I just don’t see how God can be all good and permit such severe pain and suffering to occur every single day of human existence.

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Christians say life is a test. The Bible says man is not supposed to question his creator God. But I ask, if I am given free will then don’t I have the right to question God? What good is free will if I must blindly surrender my free will and live in doubt and contrary to my true beliefs and desires? The Bible says man has free will to accept God or to reject God. But if you reject God, you will burn forever in the Lake of Fire spoken of repeatedly in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. Some Christians try to legitimize Hell by claiming that a punishment is meted out and then the soul dies and exists no more. Either way, the penalty for rejecting God is pain and death and then even more pain in Hell or the Lake of Fire. So here we have the Bible telling us that we have free will but we should not use our intellect and examine the claims the Bible makes. Christians all accept the Bible as the perfect inspired word of God preserved through all ages by the hand of God and infallible and eternally unchanging.

But the Bible does not even give mankind a clear roadmap and guidebook for life. I have heard that there are some 20,000 distinct Christian denominations, sects, and cults that all accept the Holy Bible as absolute unchanging truth. If the Bible is so perfect and true…why then are there 20,000 different groups of Christians with each group interpreting the Bible differently? If 20,000 groups can’t agree ( and that’s billions of people ), then why must I just bow down and accept the nearest preacher’s version of the Bible? Why must I suppress the many “evil” desires God built into me just to please an indifferent and murderous God? What is so wrong with questioning such an inscrutable book that no one can agree on when that book is allegedly the exclusive source of truth and that book is all I have to base my assumptions on?

So I say, since God is a sadist he is not perfect. Since God demands I worship him without his first earning my adoration by protecting me from pain and death, again I say God is not perfect. Since the Bible claims God is perfect, the Bible is inaccurate. If any part of the Bible is false, it is not reliable. Accordingly, the Bible is false.

The entire text of "Bible Lies" is available in .pdf format. Download the entire 12-page booklet of "Bible Lies" by clicking here.All Religions False and Enslaves Us

I will go one step further and claim that all religions are false. The Muslims can’t agree on their sacred book either. Neither can the Jews or any other religious group of more than one person.

I am not an atheist. I believe that life is just too unique and designed to originate purely by chance. But I am convinced that there is no afterlife. We live, and then we die. Instead of hoping for heaven, we should be building heaven on earth. And we don’t. And God won’t. The Bible does man a great disservice because believing in lies keeps us in bondage. For example, mankind mostly dreams of a Day of Judgment when God rights every wrong, rewards good works and punishes wicked people. So those who hope for such a day of justice after we all die have essentially despaired of any real hope of establishing social justice on earth. In fact, many sell the idea of social justice as idolatry and worldliness. I do not have an answer for why people really promote the Bible. It sickens and cripples humanity. The Bible shackles us into slavery and bondage.

Where there is agreement, there is no slavery.

The Bible brings slavery. It enslaves man to guilt. It teaches man that the basic human nature is depraved, fallen, evil, and justly meriting eternal torment. The Bible deprives man of any innate dignity. It tells us it has a monopoly on truth but it tells us also that we have not truth in us. Accordingly, how can we be punished eternally with burning agonizing flames for a nature God created us to have? The Bible is responsible for much evil. Jesus himself told his disciples: “The poor you will always have with you.” Paul wrote that slaves should obey their masters. The Bible failed to condemn the practice of castrating men and if you think about it, the Bible intellectually castrates us and emotionally stunts us. Religious people are intolerant bigots. They are absolutely right and you are absolutely wrong and going to hell if you don’t agree with them completely.

Religion is Brain Washing

Yet they don’t even practice the teachings of the Bible or of Jesus. Jesus died penniless but most Christians sell out their faith for a job, a house, and a car. Jesus was executed for practicing what he preached but most Christians just want health and wealth. They say they are going to heaven but the way they live, they sure ain’t in a hurry to get there. So not only is the Bible itself false, but the people who promote it have their own agenda to dominate our minds and fill their donation plates with our hard earned scarce money that God say is the root of all evil. They want the poor so they can beg for money to give to other beggars. They don’t want free, independent, healthy, wealthy, and intelligent people. They want sick and dependent people who stay poor and depend on their benevolent handouts in exchange for listening to how great Jesus is and how fair and loving God is. When people don’t really believe they should do something but they try to get you to believe that you should do what they themselves won’t do, that is called brain washing and it is no different from atheist communist brain washing.

Jesus Christ is Not God

I believe Jesus Christ is not God. The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus is “true God and true man.” Many Protestant denominations subscribe to this creed too.

I think if Jesus had not done the miracles he is reported to have performed, then his critics would have preserved record of that. But walking on water and raising the dead does not prove you are God. Every day Emergency Room doctors raise the dead. Yes, admittedly a surgeon uses modern technology but we can consider Jesus to use spiritual technology when he raises the dead or heals the sick. Simply doing all these miracles did not prove he was God. In fact, I claim no man can ever be God, the two are mutually exclusive.

Man has a body. In his body, he has a brain. He thinks in a linear fashion with his mind. That is, he can not see into the future but must reason. Accordingly, because he only knows what he knows from experience and observation, he is not all knowing. God is all knowing or at least said to be all knowing though I don’t fathom that. I think if you know how to create everything, you don’t have to know much more. Let’s say God knows all things. I can make this claim from the Bible. God told us Revelation 2,000 years ago and he claims it will all come true. Accordingly, God knows the future. Alright. If God knows the future, then he does not think for he knows and has no need to reason and to think things out. He simply knows. I don’t think a brain can do this. It may be possible, but I am sure you can agree it does not make sense how that would be possible. If all knowledge is infinite and all brains are finite then a finite brain no matter how powerful can not know all things. This would be like a computer with a hard drive that could store an endless amount of data. It’s impossible. So, I think this is what it means when the Bible says God is “Spirit.” If God is true God and is Spirit and Jesus is true man and is flesh and blood, then God the Spirit can not be contained in God the flesh.

Trinity Doctrine an Impossibility

This matter is aggravated all the more by people who believe in the Holy Trinity of the Father God, The Son God, and the Holy Spirit God. These very same people almost all claim that God is one God. That’s what the Bible says. So, if God is one all knowing God, then how can he be two more distinct persons? If God the Father is Spirit, then what is the difference with God the Holy Spirit? Isn’t Spirit a Spirit? The Trinity is just as impossible as any man ever being God.

If Jesus is not God then the Holy Bible is a lie. We can not have it both ways. I have just proven that Jesus ( a man) is not God ( a formless Spirit). So the Gospel claim that Jesus is God is a lie.

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