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Dear Pastor's Wife

By Carl S ~

You know me. But you really don’t. You may know Jesus, but not me; how this is so, I can’t figure. You might wonder why I, as an atheist, am happy, whereas you hear from members in the congregation, some often, who obviously aren’t happy. In fact, I’m happier than I’ve ever been before in my life, which includes the former Christian part – and that’s without gods, including yours. It might perplex and challenge your beliefs and traditions to know that one of the main reasons why I am so happy is because I don’t have or need gods.

There’s a conversation from ancient Greece which will give you a hint of where I stand: A slave asks a Greek citizen, “What’s so great about freedom?” The reply is, “If you knew freedom, you would never be a slave.” I am free to think, question, doubt, any claim told to me. Believers are not. I am free to be myself, not what others say I must be. I am free to assert my opinions and not be someone who spouts off the dogmas of others. I am free of having to make up answers to things I know nothing about, or to which there is no evidence to support. I am free to say that no one witnessed the beginning of the universe, or if it ever did begin. I am free to say that nobody knows, likewise, what happens after I or anyone else dies. I am free, in other words, to be honest. And I can judge and criticize leaders of the fold, un-beholden to them. I am free to be curious and questioning, as my birthright, which religion would deny me and make into a negative.

You speak of “saving,” especially saving the children, and believe humans are basically bad. We are diametrically opposed on what we call “saving,” as I see humans as essentially good. What children need to be saved from is superstition, not from some fiery pit prepared for them if they misbehave, by a god who sentences most of mankind to it. My hope is to PREVENT them from inheriting the unresolved differences and prejudices religions drop into their laps through different belief systems.

Does a child have a civil right NOT to be indoctrinated? Well, there was a bill presented to the United Nations to that effect, and I think it makes very good sense. You may believe whatever you want, but you ought to keep the innocent and trusting children out of it, for you are teaching them - without real concern for the truth – things which neither you nor anyone else can prove. If you are happy with that, then there is something morally wrong with you.