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Thank-You MOTHER, for your kindly NATURE

By summerbreeze ~

We have just returned from two weeks of camping in Northern Michigan. It's wonderful to reconnect with nature, and to feel such appreciation for our beautiful earth, and its earth created not by a God, but by a series of beneficial events.

Celebrating Mother NatureImage by ihave3kids via Flickr
I honestly can say that I know very few Christians that value our earth to the degree that the non-believers I know, and those I hear about, do. Maybe this is because, to believers the earth is just a pit-stop on the way to that all glorious place, Heaven. After all, their hero, God, had such little regard for the earth and its creatures, that he flooded the place in a snit.

Much could be written about God's dismissal, and sometimes downright bloody disregard of animals. This would be far too long a report if I gave examples of every single atrocity against animals from strongly religious countries. It seems the more religious the country, the more abuse its animals receive. Bull fighting ( heavily Catholic countries ) is a perfect example, the poor creature is literally tormented to death. He becomes so weak, he even loses the will to be really pissed off.

About 15 years ago while vacationing in Acapulco, I went into a shoe store and spotted 4 or 5 pairs of men's SEA TURTLE cowboy style boots. I pulled out my camera to take a picture of them and instantly was unceremoniously escorted from the store. I tried to call the right Mexican authorities to report to them of this situation, but just got the run around ( they were probably laughing behind my back ).....'read the Bible lady, turtles are nothing.'

"You can tell the health of a country by the way it treats its animals." ~~~~ Ghandi

Being a Christian never filled me with peace and calm. As a former Christian, I can say that my most wondrous and meaningful moments were NOT in a church, but out in the natural world. A year and a half ago, I submitted an article about two "thunderbolts" I had experienced with animals. One, was at a large Aquarium with foot thick "glass" tanks for the Killer Whales. I put my hand on the glass, and a Killer Whale who had been following me came up and placed his nose directly on the palm of my hand. He held it there for a while, while I was paralyzed with awe.

My second encounter was with a Bull Elk who stood just a few yards from me off a trail. I sat there watching him, as he watched me....he could have charged me at any moment, instead he slowly went back into the woods, then glanced back at me over his shoulder.

My last 'hairs standing up on the back of your neck' experience came when we were just camping. I was standing at the edge of beautiful Lake Charlevoix as the sun had just gone down. Across the lake was a magnificent sunset of neon golds, pinks, corals and morning-glory blue. The reflection of the sunset was mirrored in the lake, making it doubly impressive. I could smell the pine trees behind me, and as the quietness of the evening enveloped me, I thought to myself that this is what makes life, with all its troubles, worth while. All of a sudden I saw a very large group of Canadian Geese above me, in V formation. They must have just become airborne close by to me, because they were only 15 to 20 feet above my head. In the stillness I heard the "woosh" "woosh" "woosh" "woosh" of their wings as they glided along just above me, the lead goose breaking the air to make the flight easier for those behind him. It's impossible to describe that sound with mere words.

I walked back on the trail, in near darkness to our travel trailer, filled with a sense of peace and calm that lasted a very long time.

Being a Christian never filled me with peace and calm.

Thank-You Mother Nature, for being true and being real.