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It feels great to be free!

by Susan ~

I'm in my late 40s. I grew up in a fundie Baptist church in the midwest. Dad was a GARBC preacher; mom played the piano and organ. We followed the GARBC lifestyle to the letter.

Old Regular Baptist ChurchImage by carianoff via Flickr
Religion for me wasn't a haven; it was a sledgehammer. As a child I was terrified of hell and god's wrath. My sins put Jesus on the cross, and each sin I committed drove another nail into his hands and feet - that's what I was told as a young child.

As an adult I tried other sects: Southern Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian. In the end I found that I didn't have faith in any creed. My faith is simple and it doesn't need a building or a person (usually a man) to tell me how to live and think. And, for once, I can finally admit that I don't have all the answers, and that religion does not have them either.

It feels great to be free!