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Editing the Bible

By Carm ~

Recently I attended a wedding in a Lutheran Church to see my beautiful daughter-in-law and adorable grandson stand-up as the matron of honor and the ring-bearer.

We had our own little cheering section in the back of the church which included family. His 2-year-old cousin Madalyn -- spelled like Madalyn Murray O'Hair -- had taken the pencil from the pew and started randomly crossing out sections of the Bible. I told her, "That's OK honey. There's a lot of really mean bad stuff in that book. Cross out whatever you like." There was an eruption of laughter from all.

Which leads to my question:

If you could strike out or edit any part of the "GOOD BOOK" as being the most harmful to Christians, to you or the world at large- people dealing with Christians what would it be?