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Test Your Faith

By J.W. --


One day you wake up to discover you are God.

Use your gut reaction to answer the following questions.

A. After creating people you must determine the level of devotion that you will require. You will:
  1. Make it real easy. I'm easy.
  2. Make it moderate so only the better half make it.
  3. Make it impossible to meet my demands.

B. When creating justice you would:

  1. Make karma so people get what they deserve.
  2. What justice? Just watch it go down.
  3. Make the bad burn forever.

C. When someone fails to meet your demands you would:
  1. Tell them not to do it again.
  2. Make them say they are sorry after punishing them.
  3. Torture and kill an innocent man for their short comings.

4. A powerful leader defies your demands. You will:
  1. Punish him.
  2. Kill him. Make him an example.
  3. Kill the children of his citizens.

D. When determining the nature of people you:
  1. Make them highly inclined to follow my rules.
  2. Make them free as a bird to do as they wish.
  3. Make them inclined to break every rule.

E. When determining the likely hood that someone will earn your best reward you:
  1. Give them the will to make the choice. Make it fair.
  2. Make it hard. Only the best deserve the best.
  3. Make it impossible.

F. When giving people purpose for their life you:
  1. Let them choose whatever they wish.
  2. Give them a mission they are certain of.
  3. Make it all about you.

G. You make it easy for people to find you by:
  1. I'm the giant face in the sky... Duh!
  2. I'm the wizard looking dude throwing fireballs.
  3. Allow hundreds of religions while I hide.

Bible-God’s answer key to all of the above is "3"