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Don't take any Christian wooden nickels

By Dano --

I don't know how or when I became a total skeptic, but somewhere along the line I acquired the talent for an almost instantaneous recognition of bullshit.

Wooden Nickel by ThreadedThoughtsImage by ThreadedThoughts via Flickr

I enjoy reading Nigerian scam letters for their humor. The poor grammar and the pathetic attempts to use religion as embellishment, plus the ever present warning to "Don't reveal this to anyone else, and reply only to me", I find hilarious.

I assume that ever since the first air head sent the first money, to the first scammer, to pay for the cost of securing and sending his very own 5 million dollars, that was left to him/her by someone, or needs your bank account number, so 25 million dollars can be transferred out of the country, before the authorities get wind of it, that the main topic of conversation in all those little third world Internet cafes is, how stupid Americans are.

I have seen stories on TV about folks who have been duped by these phishers, and it seems to me that an inordinate number of their "victims", are the type who would be inclined to scrape up some money for anyone who ended their appeal, "yours in Christ."

I actually did have a neighbor who cashed a large cashiers check (secured by money in her account),that was sent to her by a good Christian person in Nigeria, and was in the process of sending half of it back via Western Union, before she was warned that it was a scam, and the check wouldn't clear. And yes, she is a gullible air head who believes in ghosts, and prayers to Saints, and such.

Too keep this missive in line with this intent of our founder of Ex Christian,-"The Ex Christian.Net blog exists for the express purpose of encouraging those who have decided to leave Christianity behind"- I encourage those whom may still be inclined to think of themselves as being protected by an old man in the sky, watch your money. The old man has been out to lunch on way too many occasions!