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Life after leaving....

By Melissa --

I came from a Apostolic pentecostal church. The woman had to wear skirts, not cut their hair, and do other things that were meant to make us more spiritual and pure.

happy ever after in the market placeImage by harold.lloyd (won't somebokeh think of the body?) via Flickr

About a year ago i got tired of living that life. I was being a fake person and I hated that church, so I went looking for another church of a different denomination to go to. I got to a point where I just stopped believing all together and became agnostic. I mean, if Christianity is the "truth," then why are there so many different belief systems in one religion?

Well, my husband has been awful during this whole experience. He even went to the extreme as to get a vasectomy because he did not want more children with a "heathen." He says I am an embarrassment to him and our two boys; that I disgust him. Even the way he looks at me makes me a little sick. I can see that he does not love me anymore.

This all just proves to me the evil in religion.

Even the other night I asked him if I deserved to burn in Hell for all eternity when I die. He told me yes I did because I reject his God. Wow! When he told me that it was like he kicked me in my stomach. I can't believe he can think like that.

Even after all of this I would totally choose this path all over again. It is worth it to me to have an open FREE mind. I love that I am not living in a bubble any longer.