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Defending the (ex)Faith?

By Moving On --

I read in someone's post about KristinaLovesJesus and her video on youtube which states that there can be no such thing as an Ex-Christian. I watched this video and some related videos (one of them being the No True Scotsman video by theTRUTHgroup). I found myself getting quite angry at their arrogant attitudes toward a subject which they quite obviously know nothing about. They are obviously still in that happy place where they know all and see all (or if they don't, at least god does, and he surely thinks like they do.) I also felt sad and ashamed at having ever been very much like them! :(

I watched a few other videos that people had made in response to these, and those people, like me, were quite angry. I'm wondering why this is so? I am very happy to be free from all of the nonsense, the arrogance, the judgment, the false hopes and unanswered prayers and questions that come along with being a Christian. Why do I get so angry when someone tells me that I never was really one to begin with? Is it just because it was such a deep and meaningful part of my life for so long? Is it because the complete lack of compassion and understanding with which these people speak makes me sick to my stomach? Is it because, as someone else posted recently, "we hate what we are", and in seeing these people I see what I once was and hate it?

I don't know. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has seen these videos and had the same reaction. How important is it that we "defend" our former beliefs as having been real to us at the time? Because I know for many of us, they went incredibly deep.

Would appreciate some input. Thanks!