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Looking for an editor

From Discordia --

Dear Fellow Questioner(s),

Typewriter B/ write the story.Image by geishaboy500 via Flickr

I am working on a longish article I would like to submit here for posting but I am in need of another pair of eyes to help with editing and feedback, or if you prefer, you can be a co-author. Two minds are better than one in either case. You should also be able to help me tone down the sarcasm (sometimes vicious sarcasm) that seems to be the essence of my existence, point out any weak arguments and any flaws in my reasoning or conclusions. I am nitpicking parts of the Christian bible and Christian doctrine. I have posted enough here lately so you should be familiar enough with my mindset to know if you could stand an arrangement like this. :D

If you are willing to help and are comfortable with having your name associated with mine, please email me at spiteandlogic[AT]gmailDOTcom>

Thank you!