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God is in love with us?

By Philippe Orlando --

I was told by a woman that “her God was madly in love with her”.

What kind of supernatural, omnipotent, all-powerful creature, other than the one living in your imagination, would fall “in love” with humans?

That mighty, all-knowing Being who supposedly created all the known universe with billions of galaxies in it....loves us? That amazing being loves me and needs my love? Me? A human whose body is degenerating by the minute, who has a very narrow and incomplete vision of the universe and who is, by God's standard of time, certainly by the universe’s standard of time, going to die soon.

What does it mean to believe that we are loved by such a powerful being? Is this the mother of all ego trips? It looks like it. What kind of Supreme Being is that? I mean, frankly, if you need the love of most of the humans I see throughout my day, you’re in trouble, whether you’re a god or not. If you were God and you were about to create something to love, would you create humans? Why not love another God? Another supreme being that doesn’t die? Would you really create little creatures that would live on a crumbling planet, little creatures made of flesh and blood, plagued by diseases?

What’s the point of being God if you can’t create something to love at least as great as you are? Why create such an imperfect creature, a human, to be the object of your love?

I’ve seen those who prey on the love of “lower” people. They’re usually dangerous psychos. Most of the time, they want to control somebody smaller than they are and they’re not able to get the love of their peers. Between me and a god, it simply can't be love among equals. I'm not a god.

Why create such an imperfect creature, a human, to be the object of your love? Love can only work when both parties are more or less equal, in the same league. When it's not the case very bad things happens. It's not love, it's dependence. By the way, somebody like me, a small and insignificant creature on a small planet would love to be loved by a god. I mean, please sign me up? If somebody way way bigger and better than you loves you, something's fishy there. Maybe there are many gods out there and the one who created us and our universe is a loser. He’s such a loser that he can’t get the love of other gods so he created little humans to love and be loved by?

Jealously and exclusively like the God of the Book orders us to do? I know only one creature that loves me no matter what. My dog. Oh, wait a second, DOG? GOD?