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Something In The Way Christianity Moves

By SeageVT --

Yesterday, my husband was admitted into an inpatient treatment center to be put on suicide watch and receive help with his sever anxiety disorder and the PTSD he has from a tour in Iraq where he was blown up by an IED.

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His mother called me late last night, freaking out about it. Obviously she had been worried, but he had initially asked me not to tell her, because he had guessed what her reaction would be.

She is an acclaimed Catholic. She use to preach to me about how I'm being led down the wrong path, yet all she could talk about last night; the money we owe her. Her son is in the hospital, wakes up several times every night in a cold sweat, talks about how he isn't worth anything and no one should suffer him to live, how he hate's himself and that I don't deserve the "stress" he puts me through. Even though I was the first to tell her about these things, even though my husband has asked me not to, all she could talk about was how "if I didn't want to let her know what was going on then we can look into another phone plan and she was going to shut ours off."

How can a xtian woman preach love, faith, forgiveness, and kindness, with a lack of care for material possessions, yet when her own son is laying in a mental ward, and hating himself more than anything on this earth, she turns from her faith and takes to the exact opposite of what she preaches?

Xtianity baffles me.

I am a well known NON- believer of god, or religion, and the only faith I have is in the world and people around me.

I will be by my husband's side for as long as it takes for him to get through this. No matter how much it costs us, no matter how long it takes. This is our battle to fight now.