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I am free from Christ (and it's OK)

By Renoliz --

I have been lurking around on this site for quite some time. And I am so grateful I found you folks. About 2 years ago I broke free from Christianity and I know this time it is for good.

It was really difficult. I was afraid my husband would be upset. I was even afraid that that butt-head running that fundamentalist Baptist church we were in would try to get between us. And that weasel did try. But my husband stuck with me. He would still like to think he is a Christian but, thankfully, when we went to church with Mom and Dad at Christmas, we were falling asleep in our seats. It was so boring. So my fear of him wanting to go back to church is waning.

When I think of the horrible message of salvation and it's ensuing emphasis on hell, I shudder to ever get involved in Christianity again. And, of course, all the other religions are just as inane. I really would like to tell you the whole story someday, dear people. But for now I would just like to be an encouragement to those who fear leaving their religion. It's okay to leave, no matter what others tell you.

For you ladies and girls. Being more submissive is not the answer to every problem. I started feeling like a segregated being. Women are equal to men but not really since we can't preach and we are not the head of the church, our homes or our families. We are separate but equal. What???? We need the covering of a man. What??? Women have such a hard time with this concept that we have to go to women's meetings and conferences to get trained on how to be submissive and separate [but equal, but not really] to men. What???? Do I look like German Shepard? Why would God make me so much less than? What a male power trip.

I told my husband, I don't get it. Why does the man have to be the head and have the last word on everything. Why can't we just do like we have been and talk things over between us. The whole thing was starting to make me into a different person. And I wasn't too happy with the new me.

So, in closing, I would like to say I am free from Christ. And it's okay. In fact, it is better than okay. It is wonderful. And, as usual with my life, it's a journey but what a long, strange trip it's been.