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Why I'm not Christian anymore

By TheAtheistCrusader ~

It is absolutely refreshing to see a site for people like me, who have left Christianity, and the Roman Catholic Church no less. For 10 years of my life, I blindly followed the Bible, never reading it in it's entirety (only some Bible Study-style, alibical versions). Then one night, when I had an identity crisis, I finally realized: "God and Devil are just epitomizations. Neither exist". Then came the reading the real Bible time. And boy was I horrified. Once I got to Deuteronomy, I just dropped it, and said "This is a nice God. If another nicer God exists, I'll go to him".

1. Believers 2. Religion 3. Atheists 4. Science
1. Believers 2. Religion 3. Atheists 4. Science (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After this series of events, I was in an identity crisis. I was a Deist, or as Frederich Nietzche would say "Tied on a rope between two spans". I examined all sorts of religions, to see one with a nicer God. Then one day, I went on the Atheist Republic page on Facebook (great community page, I suggest you see it) and read quotes from famous atheists. I then realized "The best God is no God". I then decided to read some Hitchens and some Harris. This finished it. After I saw the clever arguments portrayed by the "Unholy Trinity", my de-conversion was complete.

My life was very hard during the time of my Christian faith. Instead of doing something about it, I just prayed to God, hoping it would get better. But finally, when I became an atheist, I fully understood what I faced, and actually did something about it and my life changed dramatically for the better! Thus, atheism really did save me.

Ironically as a Catholic, I never ever doubted evolution, thinking God controlled it. Yet, I finally realized that the Catholics are the Mitt Romney of religion "I'm for science. I'm against it. I'm for it. I'm against it".

I am much happier as an atheist then as a christian. I also realized, in my long, tedious debates with zealots, that "Leave the ignorant alone". I know devote myself to science instead of serving the mass. At last, I found my vocation.

With much hope that Evangelicals will one day shut up,