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There is no beginning and no end

By TheAtheistCrusader ~

After the overwhelming comments of support on my opening testimonial letter, I was really touched by most of the support I got. Thank you for it!

English: Logo from the television program The ...
English: Logo from the television program The Big Bang Theory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I first entered theoretical physics, I discovered the magic of reality. I always loved math, and this was an atheist's wonder.

Recently I elaborated my own little theory about the universe, and I'd like to share it with my fellow non-believers.

Based on the law of conservation, it is said that "no matter is created nor destroyed only transformed"

From this it is insinuated that every smallest particle of matter (electrons, and even gluons) was and always will be there. From this it is insinuated that in accordance with the Big Bang theory, in the original nucleus was every particle of matter. This of course, is impossible, as density is a factor.

Continuing on this, it is noted in the law that no matter is ever brought into existence nor taken out of existence. Noting this, we can insinuate that the universe has no beginning and no end. The concept of expansion is due to the continuous star expansion and galactic movement. Thus if God, or any force exists, he/she/it must have been the matter, since it's eternal, and eternity is a property of a God.

Give me your thoughts on this this little theory of mine. I'd love to have your comments!