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Pull The Darn Tooth

By Andrea ~

I remember when I was in third grade. I had a ridiculous fear of pulling out my baby teeth.I had one hanging by a string one time and I left it there all day.I don't know what I thought would happen...I probably saw one of my friends lose their tooth, and bleed a lot,and it scared me.I remember my tooth was so far out of my gum that it was just hanging by my lip,but I still wouldn't touch it.I said it was fine just the way it was,even though it hurt my lip.Finally I pulled it out because I was going to birthday party and I didn't want the other kids to think I was weird.Haha it was all pretty silly. Obviously I grew up pretty quick and got over that.But what if I never did?What if I left it there for weeks?I probably would have gotten an infection and looked pretty silly to everyone.

Tooth Pull Humour in Wild West Zone of Port Av...
Tooth Pull Humour in Wild West Zone of Port Aventura, Salou, Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I bring this up because it reminds me of how so many people don't take the step to ''grow up'',even when religion is the thing that's damaging you.I started thinking a lot about this today because I was on twitter and looking at the trending topics.One of them said ''BeingMuslimMeans''...and then people put all these reasons why being Muslim means a great thing to them.I was shocked at how much they can deny the damage done by THEIR religion!Actually it shouldn't shock me by now, because I see it all the time..but it still does. I felt myself going into this rage because they have this ridiculous attitude.This attitude that,in all the thousand something years it's been around,Islam has never even given someone a scratch.It's all sunshine and smiles.

I guess it's a trend now, to act like that, because all Abrahamic religions are ridiculously outdated. They like to pretend it can be modern..even though it's barbaric at it's core. It seems like the favorite excuse to make is,''Well my holy book isn't really inspiring all those horrible things.There's no horrible advice in there. If you come away with must be evil or reading it wrong.'' One girl I saw on twitter said ''Not all of us blow up buildings you know?'' Her snark was not cute!So it's that simple huh?You have a nice clean book and then people still come away with destructive ideas,for no reason really?Uh huh..because when you subscribe to a good magazine...and start reading it.. you suddenly get this renewed passion to blow something up. Right?

Christians have the same attitude.''Not all of us hate gays you know!'' I think the bottom line is that they know hate is wrong, so they try to pretend it's not part of their religion.But denial never helped anything that I know of.You can bow down and pretend that Islam is wonderful..but the truth is that it's brainwashed millions to kill millions.They must not know about the massive genocide against Hindus,that took place over a few hundred years.Christians act like their religion only inspired people to cuddle kittens or something. Take something like the Salem Witch Trials. What were those people following?They were following Old Testament law that says to kill anyone who seems suspicious of being a witch.There's no way around it.. those religions are ugly and barbaric, and they are going to keep inspiring vulnerable people to do ugly things.As long as they are around..something ugly will come from it.

They might think ''Well all I do is go to a nice church and I don't do anything destructive or hurtful.'' Don't you wish they would realize their denial is what's hurting things? I mean what a crazy world..they don't see that their religion is the problem! They may not hate people themselves..but they let hate go on by refusing to see where it comes from. Some of them say,''I love Jesus. I worship the Bible.And I want to stop extreme groups, who hurt gays and oppress woman.'' It's like,I hate to burst your bubble..but do you realize those oppressive people got those ideas from the BIBLE?!

I don't know about you..but I've never seen someone come up with 2,000 year old ideas on their own.No one now was alive 2,000 years ago...if we didn't read an ancient book then those ancient ideas would be foreign to us. It's just sad because we're never going to get anywhere until we realize those books are what breed a lot insane ideas.If they want to stop gay hate or terrorism..they first thing they need to do is stop worshiping a book that promotes it to ignorant people!It's hard to let go of old ideas but I think we have to..otherwise we're no better than a third grader who denies that they ever have to pull out an old tooth.