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Dear Aggravated Believers

By Carl S ~

We are NOT going away. We have tolerated 2000+ years of being silenced, suppressed, persecuted, tortured and killed, simply because we disagree with religious beliefs. Don't expect us to back down. Over the span of 2000+ years, you STILL have NO evidence to verify your claims. And with every new piece of scientific evidence to back up natural explanations formerly attributed to invisible "supernatural" forces, your god melts like the Wicked Witch of the West. Don't expect us to not keep reminding you of this as long as you arrogantly try to force your will on the rest of society as "the laws of God." You have no more legitimacy than any of the other thousands of religions.

So, get used to our voices. Adjust to opinions and beliefs other than your own: beliefs in the rights of humans over themselves, in the inherent goodness of mankind, and the destructiveness which is caused through blind, unthinking obedience to dogmas.

If you didn’t want us to get so pissed off, you shouldn't have treated us, and continue to treat us, with such indifference, contempt, and prejudice. We are sick of being belittled. We are also sick of the arrogance and domination of your spokesmen, the televangelist millionaires, with your support and quiet compliance eating up monies in their houses of worship, while our fellow human beings die like flies from preventable causes, starvation, and religious sectarian wars. We are sick of watching hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness masquerading as virtue.

We will not be denigrated because we "lack" superstitions, a.k.a. "beliefs," and do not accept invisible, supernatural, ghost-forces in control of Nature.

We will CONTINUE to promote reason, curiosity, and skepticism, despite your efforts to thwart such thinking and reasoning. We shall fight for our right to free expression. If your religious beliefs were truly right, you would never have had to resort to the slayings you formerly engaged in as a matter of policy; such methods are the hallmark of someone in the wrong. Without them and without fear tactics, you would not have been able to last this long. (Remember- the ancient Egyptian gods were in existence longer than your god.)

Without your former controlling mechanisms, you are revealed as the manipulating man behind the curtain, and we will continue to pull that curtain back. Without those methods, you are left to be apologists, and you are looking pretty unreasonable and often silly with those explanations, when not downright cold regarding human suffering and needs.

We realize, as African-Americans, homosexuals, and all others who suffered prejudice have found out, that we also have rights you don't want to recognize, and that we too, must fight like hell to get them. We do not appreciate, for example, being left out as citizens, as you demand your sectarian prayers at public functions. None of us will put up with further bullying. You wouldn't, if a Moslem or Hindu took over beginning a public meeting with his/her prayers, so you understand where we're coming from. The tyranny of the majority is un-American, and un- Constitutional.

If what you believe and maintain is so ultra-powerful and ultra-real, why have you done everything possible to keep yourselves frightened lest you hear any different interpretation of reality than your own? After 2000+ years, the best you can come up with is to tell people to "believe." That's it? What other system except the most repressive, asks that of humans?

We are tired of boring sermons, hearing about a "Jesus", of whom no proof is offered that he ever existed. We do not want any more intransigent inflexibility from any quarter. Life is too short to tolerate these things. No one in the 21st century should be asked to believe without evidence anything claimed to be all-important. In the past thousands of years we have learned and want to pass on to our children and all children what has been discovered and confirmed in that span of time. It would be morally unfair to teach them to return to times of ignorance as if they were founts of wisdom. We will not allow them to be mired in dark, cruel, immoral, scriptural mindsets, and will oppose your efforts to promulgate them. If, for instance, you cannot accept the fact of evolution, stand aside, because your children CAN. Do not teach them that nature is wrong because it doesn't agree with your scriptures. Please.

Our time has come. It is long overdue that we are allowed out in the open, speaking out and known. You have had yours, and have seized it with force, fear, threats, killings, indoctrination, and coercion. The world is going away from those methods. We are not "getting even," we are allowing the free flow of ideas and the quiet voice of reason to speak. Step aside. And listen.