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Letters From Camp

By Lauren Tyree ~

I've been an ex-Christian for a year now. I like to express my reflections on apostasy through poetry. This poem is written from the perspective of the faith community that I left behind. I picture the residents in a prison camp of the psyche, reaching out to the one who got away.


we’re sad that you’ve gone

and we all say hello

with each passing dawn

we miss you more so


our Leader sends love

from His heart to yours

with peace like a dove

He keeps us indoors


(so what’s the air like

outside these walls?

how gray is the sky?

how thick is the fog?)


we hope that you’re well

wherever you are

we really can’t tell

you’ve traveled too far


it’s cozy in here

we’re safe from the storm

there’s no need to fear

His grace is so warm


(see how quickly that limb

snaps under your feet!

see, you’re helping us trim

the chaff from the wheat!)


one day you’ll get cold

and come back inside

the end was foretold

so why even try?