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Beforelife or Afterlife?

By BP ~

Here's one for the critical thinkers. I swear I'll tie in religion at the end.

Dead=Not Alive; Therefore, Afterlife=Beforelife.

Soap bubble
Soap bubble (Photo credit: Raphael Quinet)
In words now: I was not alive before I was alive and I'll be not alive after my death. So how can before life and after life be any different?

See I don't remember the before life b/c I did not have a brain then. I could not carry around this collection of data that we call memories in life. Nor would I have any need for them. They do not apply. How long was I not alive before I was alive? An hour, a day, an eternity? As far as I can remember it was an instant and an eternity all in one. There is no use for time when one is not alive. It is being alive that confines us to this space time continuum. A little like being trapped I guess. Separated from the truth that perhaps we once knew. When we were not alive.

I like to think of being alive as not too much unlike a bubble. All the necessary ingredients for the bubble were always there. However it takes some sort of outside input for the bubble to exist. The ingredients have to be combined in just the right way. Our body is like the shell that makes the bubble visible. Allows the bubble to exist. The way we understand it. The inside of the bubble would be like the soul I guess, or whatever it is that life is made of. Once the bubble is gone all the ingredients still remain. Maybe to be used in another bubble; maybe to be used on something completely different. I don't know. No one does. There is no proof for any theory. What I do know is that it's putting something out of place that makes the bubble. Think of air in water. The bubble fighting to get to the top. Think of a soap bubble just floating around ever so delicate. Much more wanting to pop than to remain a bubble. Everything is trying to reach equilibrium again. That's why the bubble pops and that's why we die. Being alive is not our natural state of being.

Well if that is true, and I can honestly say now that being NOT alive was not so bad, then what's so scary about being not alive again? Only the the physical act of dying? If one can accept that then there is nothing else to do, but to see our current state (being alive) as something like a journey. A vacation of sorts. A vacation from being not alive. So enjoy. We all know vacations don't last very long and for some reason when we are on them all we can think of is how we will eventually have to go back home.

Religions make us comfortable with this eventually having to go back thing. But you don't need 'em. It's like going to the beach on vacation just to see a psychologist for a week to try to deal with the thought of going back to work. It just doesn't make any sense. Enjoy life! Accept not knowing!