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How Br'er Devil Outfoxed God

By atheistnurse ~

One day while Br'er Devil was out roaming the earth he noticed how much Job tried to make God happy. In return God gave Job all kinds cool things and protected him. This made Job kind of self-righteous and pompous. Br'er Devil got a little riled up over that, but, as always he had a plan, and in his plan God was going to screw over his little buddy Job. All Br'er Devil had to do was convince God to let him torment the old fool, which wouldn’t be very hard considering that God was always ready to toot his own horn.

So Br'er Devil moseyed over to see God and they had a nice little chit-chat. It didn’t take God long before he started bragging about himself. Then He pointed out how upright his favorite human was and how much Job loved God. God (who knows everything) even knew what the outcome would be if he brought up Job’s holiness to Br'er Devil, but He didn’t care.

Br'er Devil saw his opportunity and pointed out that it was easy to love God when someone was as prosperous and protected as Job. Br'er Devil even went on to tell God that if Job lost everything he would turn on God. Now, Br'er Devil didn’t really care if Job loved God or not, he just wanted the chance to mess with Job. And, of course, God could see the future and knew how much Br'er Devil would torment him, but God didn’t care because he just wanted to show off to Br'er Devil. So God gave Br'er Devil the go-ahead to do whatever he wanted to Job except kill him.

Br'er Devil was beside himself! He started off with killing all Job’s servants and kids and wiping out his entire fortune. He even had poor Job break out in painful sores over his entire body. Of course, Job was heartbroken from losing all his children and worried about his finances and his health, but he still praised the God who caused all his misery. Job wasn’t so arrogant and full of himself now! He was a broken, depressed man who didn’t understand why God had abandoned him. What great entertainment for God and Br'er Devil! The first reality show.

Eventually Br'er Devil got tired of playing with Job. So God got to blow his horn and tell Job how great he was and how puny Job was and then he gave Job more children and wealth. The story doesn’t tell how Job spent his life mourning his dead children or the effect all this had on Job’s wife. God didn’t care. He got to show that Br'er Devil who was boss.

And that is how Br'er Devil tricked God into giving him exactly what he wanted. Boy, was God stupid or what?