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What is real?

By Dano ~

I believe that I have found something much better than a relationship with Bible God and his son, whom he created with a mortal woman, to be a sacrifice to himself, so that he can forgive mankind for the sins that he, programmed them to commit when he created them.

RealityReality (Photo credit: nualabugeye)

After years of trying to make sense of this kind of mumbo-jumbo, found in the bible, which I will confess does contain a lot of poetic verbiage along with mostly nonsensical garbage I have discovered the simple beauty of just being realistic.

Since I am convinced that no one really can define adequately what they mean by the word, god, I have come to the conclusion that ABSOLUTE REALITY, is the purest definition.

I find myself loving reality, the purest form of reality that I can find, wherever I can find it. I have come to love the infinitesimal, relatively insignificant speck of life that I am, here on this insignificant planet, because of the realness of it.

I care not at all, about the imaginary life, in an imaginary place, presided over by an imaginary deity, that ancient people constructed, or by those who claim to understand it, and use to try to control this, the only life I have.

I love reading most, what other realistic people have to say. Those, who like me, detest the lies and hypocrisy of religion, and boldly condemn it, for its creating so much strife among people.

I feel blessed by whatever force that created me and my universe, whether by chance or purpose, and am awed by the fact that only after billions of years of evolution my species of animal life is the first and only one that is sentient enough to realize that this life can be cruel, but also beautiful.
Whether that prime force is intelligent or not, it has put into motion the creation of a universe and maybe an infinite number of universes, that is so vast as to be only slightly comprehensible to us.

How wonderful it is to be alive and to wake up every day and choose the things that I will do, where I will live, what I will eat, and who I will love and . It is MY reality, and I love it.

To put it another way the Christian religion is pure bullshit, a death cult and an invention by men, and sex between a man and a woman is great and beautiful, and real, an evolutionary process, and it perpetuates the human race as well.