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What to Say?

From Vyckie Garrison ~

My dad is in the ICU in a small town in the deep South - seriously ill, not expected to make it :( He is a True Believer - he and his wife of 35 years attend a fundamental Baptist church. The church has organized a prayer chain for my dad - they're visiting and bringing casseroles - and of course, lifting him up in prayer.

He and his wife know I am an atheist - we have a strained, awkward relationship which isn't helped (or maybe it is - LOL) by the fact that I live about 15 hours away.

The thing is - it seems so mean and ungracious to respond to my step-mother's updates on FB with, "Hope" he gets better, or I'm "thinking" of you both ... "wishing" you all the best, etc. As a former Christian, it just doesn't feel nearly so supportive to express my love and concern in terms that seem dry and reserved and pathetically hopeless in comparison to "I'm praying for you" and "God be with you."

So how do the rest of you respond in these situations?

I sent flowers - so at least there's that - :)