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How to protect my child from my crazy religious family

By a curious ex-christian ~

Well. Let me explain myself first.

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I was formerly a 'united baptist'. I got 'saved',dunked in a creek, and such when i was 11. Then when i was about 14 i really starting to see through all that bullshit. How? I read the bible. If you actually read it, it will turn you against your own religion. But i have never had the heart to actually tell my family how i feel about the subject. I sometimes ask my father questions that he tried to answer with some outlandish answer. But if i keep pressing the subject he just gets upset. So i could only imagine how he would react. Plus my uncle is a deacon and my grandpa is a preacher.

At the age of 18, my freshman year of college, i found out i was pregnant. (The family was absolutely stunned) so i moved back home. And i had already forgotten how horrible it was, to be forced into a skirt and sit in church listening to some old guy ramble about complete nonsense. So i started refusing to go to church, i told my parents i didn't enjoy all the criticizing stares i was getting.

Now, that my son has been born (he is now 5 months), they expect me to go to church and take him as well. Which is a big fat no. And when i don't go, they take him with them. Which bothers me.

When my mother sings to him. She sings 'yes Jesus loves me' so many times, my ears are on the verge of bleeding.

Religion is a huge thing to my family, and i don't want them looking down on me. And i don't want my son growing up believing like they do. I want to raise my son up to realistic, i want him to grow up learning to fix his own problems, and not rely on a 'god' to do it for him. But when he is young i don't want him to run up to my parents, or if anything spend the weekend with them and them take him to church, and him just come out and tell him 'Jesus isn't real'.

I would really just like some advice. And telling my parents is pretty much out of the question. (Yes, i am a wuss)

Anyone have any personal experience similar to this? I would love to hear them.