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The Brainwashing

Son of a Preacher ~

The brainwashing or should I say brain programing (you have to have prior knowledge (dirt) for washing) is the worst. And its all a scam, turn you into their slave. That's what they want, you must all fulfill their "vision for the world", after all the earth belongs to them… and they need a million dollars, like really need it. Whenever I think about the mind control used against me as a child it always makes me shake, I don't know why, kind of like I'm sick but not sick, like I'm really cold.

You are told as a child "you must be stupid not to believe in this stuff" or "if you don't believe you must be brain dead", this is all designed to enslave the mind, and I can tell you, it works very well on a child's mind. "You are condemned" they say, "a life without god is worthless, now open you wallets and give" they shout. Or as my fathers group of churches say "those who do not tithe their incomes are subtly encouraged to evaluate their Christian lives as sub-par", that's a direct quote from their web site! Your life is sub-par kid. You know what the first thing my father said to me when I left his 'Jesus cult' was "I noticed your tithes haven't been in the bank account", the first thing! Its all about the money, and they will use and manipulate anyone or anything to get it, even their children's souls.

When you are able to finally leave the 'Jesus cult', you find yourself completely and utterly alone, I mean you have no one, a car full of crap, not knowing where your going to stay or what your going to do, you have no education, and have been cut of and ostracized from society since you were born, the mind still whirling in an imaginary world. Then the second part of the brain programing kicks in, "we are empty vessels that can only be filled with god", "you are worthless", "you are stupid", "you are condemned", "you are demon possessed".

And I am sick and tired of hearing "but, they just did what they thought was best", "they believed they where doing right". What! are you serious, who said they could do this to me? They can believe whatever they want, but don't force it on me. I don't want it, never did. Who gives them the right to do this to me? and why don't I have the right to not have this done to me? And why in the hell am I now forced (with my minimum wage job, thanks christian education) to give them money through my taxes?

Why would society do that? why do they want to support people who abuse children… could it be all about the family, as long as no one is doing it to their children then it can only be a good thing, right? I mean it will give their kid a massive advantage in the academic and job market over that kid, so yes lets give them more money to "fulfill their vision", the more kids they can mess up the better it will be for your kids… "just as long as you don't do it to my kids" you say.