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Does prayer work?

By cjmybad ~

My Mom has been praying almost nonstop for 8 years for my grown niece to grow up and get off her butt to take care of her 2 children. She even does a group prayer at church for her at Sunday and worship service on Wed. nights.

Which of these scenarios do you think would prove most effective and likely to work:

Scenario 1:

Her prayers work and my niece becomes a fabulous caring parent – like overnight!

Scenario 2:

My Mom's prayers are answered by a friend from her church that goes over to give my niece cooking and cleaning lessons. And preaches to her about her immoral ways of watching TV shows and movies that aren’t christian. She leaves material for my niece to read and instructions how to live morally.

Scenario 3:

A new state policy is instituted that makes it mandatory to have drug and alcohol testing and mandatory parenting courses for every person who receives welfare, WIC checks and free housing. The teachers are able to contact the state for issues with school attendance of the children.

Scenario 4:

The two babies' daddies out of nowhere get jobs, pay their child support and take an active interest in their children's lives, becoming the fathers the kids never really even know.