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Etiquette for Christians

By Carl S ~

Do not impose your prayers on others. You would object strongly if others' beliefs were given privileged starring roles over yours. Extend the same consideration to others.

It is inappropriate behavior to preach sermons to those of other beliefs, and especially, non-belief, such as for example, telling a non-believer at a time of loss of a loved one and grieving, that she/he, "is in a better place now", or "I know that you guys don't believe this, but your loved one is in heaven." Such remarks are cruel and, though you may derive comfort from them, show no respect for the grieving.

It is wrong for you to take advantage of a person who is severely in pain, trauma, or recovering from the effects of anesthesia— thus frightening that person, and exploiting his/her vulnerability.

It is rude and thoughtless to use every important social gathering to impose a sermon upon the celebrants or mourners.

Not only is it inappropriate, but harmful, thoughtless, and bullying, to ridicule or humiliate those who do not agree with your or your denomination's beliefs. This behavior is unbecoming of mature adults and sets a bad example for your children, as intolerance. It is unacceptable in civil society.

Do leave behind the cruelty of blaming those less fortunate than you for their troubles, and your consequent judgments on them. This is unfair, even if you do help to ease their predicaments.

Do not assume an arrogant attitude that your tastes, addictions must be shared by others who do not welcome them. For the same reason, do not endeavor to force them on others.

In short, Christians ought to abide by the very rules of civility, fairness, and consideration and respect which they demand from non-believers.

And please tell me beforehand if you want to preach to my children.