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Religion is boring already!

By Dano ~

I am at a hiatus in my longstanding altitude of skepticism concerning almost everything. It just doesn't work for me anymore now that I have to come to a complete and unequivocal disbelief in all things religious.

Offered as explanation~

The evidence for the Christian religion and the Bible as being just a plagiarized collection of parts and pieces of other religions all cobbled together with a large amount of Jewish history and belief that had been passed down for many generations and codified into a cannon, for the purpose of unifying and strengthening emperor Constantine's control over the Roman empire, is all too obvious. So obvious that I have become bored with it.

I used to love it when a Jesus freak, christobot would come to this site (Ex-Christian), spouting all of his/her hackneyed phrases, full of circular reasoning, and ridiculous biblical jargon, about how Jesus died for me and by doing this, all of my sins are forgiven.

I knew from reading on Ex-Christian for several years that we have people here who are so knowledgeable of the bible and so adept at shredding each Illogical irrational statement by the Christian cult robots that I was going to see anther true,(usually displaying borderline illiteracy), Christian, who probably hadn't read anything here, get his clock cleaned.

First of all the whole son of god shtick didn't and doesn't make any sense to me, and add to that it was so obviously copied from earlier religions in which god mated with a human to have a son who was sacrificed in order to save the rest of us.

After hours, and days, and weeks, and years, of reading, what many brilliant and learned people had to say, people on this web site, and in books written by Harris, Dawkins, Tarico, Hitchens, Dennett, Loftus, et cetera, I have become so convinced of the wrongness of having faith in imaginary gods, saviors, angels, devils, heavens and hells and the like, that to see someone trying to apologize and explain this kind of nonsense, just does not compute anymore. I keep saying to myself, "cant these people read?" "Why would they want to be told what to think by a cult?" And the Christian Religion fits and has every aspect of a cult. (see>)

I do believe however that some people are not capable of giving up their belief in magical, mystical things that give them a feeling of confidence that they are being watched over and cared for by a supreme being. I's all emotion and completely impervious to reason.

Those of us who do escape to reality and learn to live in the real world can just count ourselves lucky. I think the mystery of life,is,the beauty of life. None of us know what wondrous things we may experience before we sleep.

We Homo Sapiens are all in this life together, none of us were born into sin. there ain't no heaven or hell, the god of the bible is a ridiculous construct by ancient men and if mankind doesn't make itself extinct, maybe some day we will evolve into a species that can leave the slavery of faith behind in favor of the freedom of reality.

I reiterate that people who stumble upon this web site and proceed to try to set us all straight as to where we went wrong with being true Christians. Most of whom display a profound ignorance of the fact that science has virtually made faith in religions stupid and archaic, are, to use an old expression, BORING!