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Merry Crassmas

By John Shores (Crassmaster) ~

Well, the devout are out and about spouting the annual tout. In response to the harangue "Keep Christ in Christmas", I would like to offer a query or two:

1) Which parts of the winter holiday do you (Mr/Mrs/Ms Christian) see as a threat to Christ Mass?
  • Is it the manic drive to buy presents?
  • Is it the picking out and setting up a noble fir?
  •  Perhaps the decorative lights?
  • Ornaments?
  • Stockings?

Well, each of these were part of pagan Winter Solstice holidays before there was a Christ. They have nothing to do with Christ Mass at all.

2) Why does the Winter Solstice have to have Christian significance for all?

The early Christians didn't celebrate the birth of Christ. It was not until Christianity gained political legs that anyone made an issue of it. The Resurrection was the one main holy day for them.

For 1600 years, though, Winter Solstice celebrations throughout the world have been assimilated into the religion of the dominating political force.

Assimilation doesn't sound very holy to me. Christmas (as we know it) is spurious at best when compared to any genuinely holy day in any other religion.

I fail to see why Christians cannot let us have our Winter Celebration and if they want to have a holy Mass on 12/25, fine. I don't even mind the mangers and menorahs popping up all over the place. The thing is, the Jewish people know that Chanukah is for them. The Christians seem to think that Christ Mass is for everyone else.

It isn't.

It's for Christians. And Christians only.

And most of them have never attended Mass in their lives.

Let's speak the truth: Most of What happens during this season is related to Winter Solstice. The two hours in Church on Sunday morning does not justify calling the season "Christmas." Let's call it what it is.

As for me, I love the crass materialism of this season. I love giving gifts and watching children play with the boxes that their toys came in. And so, let us gather 'round the tree this December 25, dive into presents and have a very merry crassmas.