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Looking for Encouragement

By FearlessFire ~

The stories on have been an encouragement to me.

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I graduated from Bible college this year. Within the next few months I intend to come out to my fundamentalist parents as an agnostic. I am very nervous about it. Has anyone had to go through something similar?

I am especially concerned about my mother's reaction, because she has suffered from anxiety and depression disorders and I have put this off for years for fear of pushing her over the edge. I decided this fall I could not live with my family anymore, in hiding, so I am going to stay with some friends for a few months while I work up the courage to tell my family. My friends know what it is like to hide who you are -- they are a lesbian couple. (How we became best friends is a hilarious and inspiring story . . . my gay-hating parents have no idea that my friends are lesbians.)

Actually, right this very minute, I am about a mile from another Bible college because I am getting my masters degree online and have to take a class on campus. My identity feels stretched to the breaking point. I am excited about this upcoming year, but would like some encouragement. Thank you!